white air conditioner outside of white building

AC Unit Tune-Up: Boost Your Cooling Efficiency

Life without air conditioning is hard to imagine in the United States, where about 88% of homes are built with the systems. In some warmer parts of the nation, air conditioning is nearly a safety recommendation, especially during the summer. As summer approaches, it’s important to keep up with your

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man standing in front of an old air conditioner cleaning it

Cleaning AC Coils: How Often Is Necessary?

Every year, there are more than 1,200 heat-related deaths in the United States. Sadly, many of these are preventable. Reliable air conditioning is not only a matter of comfort and convenience but also of safety. The most important thing to ensure this is regular air conditioning upkeep, including cleaning AC coils. How

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two fingers on thermostat dial adjusting the temperature

Common Fixes for an AC Thermostat Not Working

Weather experts predict record-high temperatures in Utah and surrounding states during the summer of 2024. Is your AC thermostat not working properly? If your air conditioning system does not respond to commands from the thermostat, it can be a frustrating situation, especially during the hot summer months. However, before you panic, there

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young man wearing white shirt sitting on couch blowing his nose

How Often to Clean Air Ducts: Expert Tips and Guidelines

A clear sign that you need to have your ducts cleaned is when your house is overly dusty. You should also call air duct cleaning professionals when your home undergoes major construction. Other signs you need to call ductwork experts include poor airflow, strange noises from your HVAC unit, and odd odors.

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father and two children standing next to a heat pump

Reliable Heat Pump Repair Solutions by Apex Clean Air

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient and economical ways to heat and cool your home. However, they require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them running well. What does this entail? That depends on many different factors, including the age and condition of your heat pump and things like

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person holding wrench on white cloth

Expert Furnace Repair Services: Keep Your Home Warm Today

Every year, around 3 million American households have their furnace replaced and millions more are professionally repaired. You’ll know when you need furnace repair. Your furnace will give you signs when something’s wrong, and it’s never a good idea to wait. If you don’t perform regular furnace maintenance, there’s a chance you’ll

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man wearing glasses cleaning and inspecting air conditioner unit

Signs and Solutions for an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

Is your air conditioner taking too long to cool down your home? If so, one potential reason behind it could be an air conditioner refrigerant leak. See, an efficient AC unit should maintain a constant amount of refrigerant. If there’s a leak, it could throw the entire system into disarray.

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large white air conditioner mounted on the ceiling of industrial workspace

Top Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning for Your Business

Have you noticed recently that your allergies have gotten out of control? You come inside the office, but your itchy throat and nasal congestion don’t get any better? There’s a good chance your business is in need of air duct cleaning services. It’s all too easy for your air ducts to go

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