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When your AC unit or furnace stops working right, you need professional HVAC technicians to identify and address the problem. For the best HVAC services in Falcon, CO, trust Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re one of the best HVAC contractors in town, and our heating and cooling solutions are top-notch.

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AC Repair in Falcon, Colorado

No one wants to feel hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable in their own home or office. Unfortunately, air conditioners continuously accumulate wear and tear, loose electrical connections, and dirty air filters. If you throw in a poor installation, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s comprehensive HVAC services in Falcon, CO, include excellent repair services to keep things on track. Your AC unit is a complex system, yet any HVAC repairs are a breeze for our NATE-certified HVAC technicians. Thanks to our team’s keen attention to detail, you can trust us to spot air conditioning problems in their earliest stages and implement long-term solutions for your Falcon, Colorado, property.

AC Installation in Falcon, Colorado

Sometimes, just repairing air conditioners isn’t the best way to address a cooling system issue. For example, an HVAC system that’s almost 15 years old won’t be operating as efficiently as a newer model. Fixing it won’t produce the long-lasting results our Falcon customers hope for, especially when extensive damage starts requiring constant repairs or becomes expensive.

Thankfully, you can ensure your summertime comfort with reliable air conditioning installation or replacement services in Falcon, Colorado. Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s certified crew will conduct a detailed analysis of your entire cooling system and run performance tests before reviewing your best options. If a new unit is the best option, you can trust us to handle the job.


Furnace Repair in Falcon, Colorado

The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of winter is a furnace breakdown. Winters in Falcon can be frigid, and our crew makes it their business to keep the area’s heating systems fully functional when our customers need them most. 

Whether it is a gas boiler or an electric furnace, Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning has the tools and expertise to quickly identify and solve problems. For example, it’s common for a furnace’s performance to drop due to a faulty or broken part. That’s why our crew maintains an inventory of replacement parts to ensure we can always repair Falcon’s heating systems quickly.

Call us to handle all HVAC repairs, from replacing faulty valves to fixing damaged electrical connections on furnaces.

Furnace Installation in Falcon, Colorado

Our HVAC contractors don’t believe in recommending unnecessary services. However, if your furnace issues accumulate, our experienced technicians in Falcon may recommend furnace replacement

In this case, upgrading your heating system could offer several benefits, such as:

  • Improved indoor air quality 
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Greater savings on furnace repairs and electricity bills

Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s NATE-certified technicians expertly install new electric and natural gas furnaces, as well as boilers and heat pumps. Our courteous technicians can help you determine the best fit for your Falcon property and execute the installation to perfection. 

We also guarantee our workmanship and products for your peace of mind.

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Air Duct Cleaning in Falcon, Colorado

People often overlook the air ducts, an integral aspect of many HVAC systems. However, these channels and vents collect allergens, mold, and other contaminants along the way, which could trigger respiratory illnesses and allergy symptoms if the buildup persists.

One solution is Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s superior air duct cleaning services in Falcon, Colorado. Our clean air specialists go above and beyond to ensure you can breathe clean indoor air with HEPA filter vacuums and specialized brushes to deep clean ductwork as needed.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Falcon, Colorado

If your clothes dryer has a lint buildup, you’ll notice problems with your appliance, including longer drying times and additional energy expenses. However, lint left in the dryer vent could also cause a devastating house fire under the right conditions. 

That’s why our team offers dryer vent cleaning for Falcon residents. We use specialized tools to rid dryer vents of blockages so that you can dry clothes faster, get energy consumption under control, and skip the potential fire hazards.

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