HVAC Services in Cimarron Hills, CO

Quality HVAC services in Cimarron Hills, CO, help you stay comfortable and safe all year round. Apex Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning brings expert knowledge and professionalism to every heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality job. Trust us to help with your HVAC systems and keep your home comfortable.

Reliable HVAC Services in Cimarron Hills

Our team can adeptly service all types of HVAC devices, including heat pumps, which provide both heating and cooling functions. In addition to heating and cooling, we’re passionate about keeping your home free of allergens and pollutants with our indoor air quality services.

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HVAC Services in East Colorado Springs, CO

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Without improving your indoor air quality, you leave your family at risk of health complications like allergies, respiratory issues, and eye irritation. Our indoor air quality services include the following:

  • We can clean your air ducts to remove any dust, dander, and other pollutants. You should have your ducts cleaned every three to five years.
  • When we install a whole home air purifier, it keeps your home free of inorganic compounds like dust, carbon dioxide, and dander. It can help you reduce how frequently you incur medical expenses.
  • Installing UV lights in your ductwork can filter additional toxins out of your air, like viruses and bacteria, that air purifiers can’t remove.

Cimarron Hills Heating Service

Our HVAC services in Cimarron Hills, CO, can keep you safe and comfortable during Colorado’s coldest months. If you have a problem with your HVAC system during the winter, consider it an emergency. We provide the following heating services to protect you from the cold:

  • Furnace installation: With proper maintenance, your furnace can last up to 20 years. However, eventually, you’ll need a new one. Our experience and knowledge can help you choose the best furnace for your home.
  • Furnace maintenance: Annual maintenance for your furnace saves you money in the long term by maintaining your energy efficiency, reducing the frequency of repairs, and extending your furnace’s lifespan. Many people prefer scheduling the maintenance in the fall before the season’s heaviest usage.
  • Furnace repairs: Even when you are diligent with maintenance, your furnace can still break down. From minor to major repairs, fix the issue quickly to avoid worse damage and greater expenses.

Keeping Cimarron Hills Cool

Whether you use air conditioners or heat pumps, our cooling and air conditioning services include the following:

  • Air conditioner repairs: Whether your air conditioner isn’t cooling the air or it won’t turn off, we can handle all manner of repairs for every type of air conditioner.
  • Coil cleaning: The air conditioner coils help transfer air out of the home. When we clean them, we help prevent further damage and keep them running efficiently.
  • Compressor replacement: Compressors help refrigerant transfer heat out of your home. They last between 10 and 15 years, so many air conditioners require a new compressor before the end of their life expectancy.
  • Installation: We can install most new models of air conditioners and work closely with you to choose the best one for your needs.
  • Maintenance: With yearly maintenance (preferably in the spring), you keep your air conditioner working longer and your energy bills low.

We can also find and repair any refrigerant leaks and can repair and replace your thermostat.

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About Cimarron Hills, CO

Located directly East of Colorado Springs, Cimarron Hills provides beautiful vistas of the nearby mountains. Once a railroad hub, the city offers unique historical and educational opportunities, such as the nearby Peterson Air and Space Museum and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. 

If you love nature, visit Helen Hunt Falls in nearby Colorado Springs or fly in a balloon over the city with Adventures Out West. If you’re looking for some delicious food, Uchenna in Colorado Springs provides the area’s most delectable Mediterranean food, and locals consider Paravicini’s Colorado’s best Italian food.

With easy access to good food, history, and nature, Cimarron Hills is great for both residents and tourists.

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