How Often to Clean Air Ducts: Expert Tips and Guidelines

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A clear sign that you need to have your ducts cleaned is when your house is overly dusty.

You should also call air duct cleaning professionals when your home undergoes major construction. Other signs you need to call ductwork experts include poor airflow, strange noises from your HVAC unit, and odd odors.

Now, you may ask, “How often should I clean air ducts?” Should I wait until I notice the signs mentioned, or is there a specific schedule homeowners must follow?

Here’s what you need to know.

Air Duct Maintenance: How Often to Clean Air Ducts

To improve indoor air quality, cleaning your air ducts every three to five years is best.

Regularly changing your air filters is good, but it’s insufficient to maintain good indoor air quality. Remember, an air filter can only block out certain particles entering your HVAC unit. Meanwhile, air duct cleaning works to remove pollutants that have accumulated in your system.

For this reason, it’s often best to leave air duct cleaning to professionals. While DIY duct cleaning is possible, the process is time-consuming. Experts also use special equipment to ensure all contaminants are completely removed.

Why Follow the Recommended Duct Cleaning Frequency?

Regular air duct cleaning is one of those home air quality tips many people know but may not remember to schedule. It’s not a yearly home maintenance task, so it’s understandable if some forget.

Still, if you have a newborn in the house and don’t know when you cleaned your air ducts, it’s best to do it ASAP. With their delicate respiratory systems, you need the healthiest home environment for your little one.

Even if your kids are older, you don’t want them breathing in air contaminated with dust, mold, pet dander, etc. In addition to health concerns, air duct cleaning will help your HVAC system last longer. Clean ducts equal a well-performing HVAC unit, which will also help you save money on energy costs.

Tips for Clean Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts is part of regular HVAC maintenance. Other than calling in specialists to clean them, there’s nothing special you need to do for them.

However, the care you put into maintaining your HVAC system will also help your air ducts function correctly. That’s why it’s crucial to change your air filters every three months (more frequently if any family member has allergies).

In addition to filter changes, it’s vital to seal any duct leaks or damage. Thermostat checks and professional HVAC inspections must also be done regularly.

Breathe Better With Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Now that you know the answer to “how often to clean air ducts,” the next step is to look for professional duct cleaning services.

Let Apex Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s team handle this task for you. As an industry leader, we guarantee your family will breathe easier with our range of HVAC maintenance services, including residential duct cleaning and indoor air quality assessments.

Contact us to schedule air duct cleaning today.

young man wearing white shirt sitting on couch blowing his nose

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