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Heating Maintenance in Provo, UT

Heating Maintenance in Provo, UT

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Heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps provide us with many benefits. We depend upon our furnaces to keep us warm, toasty, and comfortable during those chilly seasons. 

You may use your furnace for the first time during fall. However, even if you don’t use it for those autumn chills, you probably crank up the heat as winter approaches. The proper heater and furnace maintenance will keep your system operating smoothly for many years. 

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Heating Maintenance

What Are the Benefits of Heater Maintenance

Searching “Heating maintenance near me” and scheduling care from the right company can give you many benefits: 

Routine heater or furnace maintenance results in an appliance that’s more energy efficient. When our professional crew tune-ups your system, you will likely experience lower energy bills. When your HVAC system has to work harder, your monthly energy bill will start spiking. 

Besides keeping you comfortable during winter, your heating system also keeps out harmful pollutants. Its air filter can trap dirt, pet dander, smoke, food debris, mold spores, bacteria, and more. 

These pollutants wear down your system and can trigger various health issues. A clean air filter means your system isn’t circulating these pollutants throughout your home. Additionally, an unclean air filter can force your system to work harder, raising energy bills. 

Regular furnace or heater maintenance can’t prevent every issue. However, annual heating maintenance can often prevent up to 70% of repairs. Our Apex Clean Air team can fix minor issues before they escalate into expensive breakdowns or extensive repairs. 

Some homeowners may see annual tune-ups and preventative maintenance as unnecessary expenses. So we make it our mission to showcase how these services can save you long-term money. Our service can even lengthen your heating system’s lifespan. 

Of course, a well-functioning heater, furnace, boiler, or heat pump means greater comfort. While the winter season presents many exciting opportunities to venture outdoors, most people spend more time indoors. When inside your home, you want the best comfort possible. 

Minor leaks can cause air to escape and reduce airflow. Your heating system will constantly try to keep up with your thermostat—often a losing battle. In the process, you may find yourself colder than usual or your home’s air very stuffy. 

Heater Maintenance FAQs

At Apex Clean Air, we’re no strangers to questions and always welcome them when working with new or returning customers. Some FAQs we often hear include: 

We recommend Provo, UT, residents and businesses have their heating systems inspected at least once a year. The first reason for this annual service ensures your system functions correctly and eliminates minor issues. 

However, another reason is that sometimes you can void your warranty. Many heating systems come with a limited warranty, and needing annual maintenance is often a restriction.

Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance session with our crew before the heating system begins. For some, this time might be somewhere within October. For others, they may want to wait until closer to winter. 

Our crew also recommends you service your heat pump twice a year as this appliance covers your heating and cooling needs. Service your heat pump before summer and before winter. 

When you schedule your yearly or bi-yearly maintenance session, our Apex Clean Air team may perform the following services: 

  • Swap out or clean out your air filter
  • Check your pilot light and gas pressure 
  • Clean out your condensate drain 
  • Ensure your thermostat functions correctly and calibrate it if needed
  • Clear out any debris or dirt that might be blocking your heating system 
  • Lubricate all your system’s mechanical parts and equipment

Our crew will also inspect your system during this process, including checking every part. We can recommend replacements or repairs if we discover any issue beyond our regular maintenance. We’ll never perform an extra task without notifying you first and providing a free estimate.

Many Salt Lake City homeowners can handle tasks like cleaning or changing their air filters or keeping their outside units free from debris. However, other tasks require an expert touch. Besides potentially damaging your system, you can also void your warranty. 

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