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Highlands Ranch, CO, residents and businesses depend significantly on their air conditioners. The proper AC maintenance services ensure your heating and cooling system functions effectively. 

At Apex Clean Air, we can quickly handle extensive repairs if your AC unit has seen better days. However, our professional technicians always emphasize the importance of air conditioning preventative maintenance. 

Our expert AC maintenance service will extend its lifespan and lower energy bills. We proudly help Highlands Ranch and its surrounding areas by providing top-rated and elite services. 

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AC Maintenance

The Many Benefits of AC Maintenance Near Me

Whether you’ve already searched “AC maintenance near me” or haven’t given it much thought, it’s important to know the many benefits of routine care. Think of your air conditioner like your car, which needs regular maintenance. 

While you can do some DIY tasks yourself, just like with your car, having a professional team check things over makes the best choice. Continue reading for some of the benefits of air conditioning maintenance: 

Even the most diligent AC owner may need to call our team for repairs. Your air conditioner, like every appliance, has a lifespan, and as it inches closer to this lifespan, it’s bound to need more repairs. 

However, regular maintenance can reduce the frequency of needing repairs. Our technicians can check your internal components and ensure everything operates smoothly. Our AC maintenance service almost always costs less than AC repairs. 

As discussed, every AC unit has a lifespan, and this lifespan typically ranges from 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance, however, ensures your AC unit reaches this time frame. Routine maintenance may even extend your unit’s expected lifespan. 

Salt Lake City, UT, homeowners often see energy spikes during the summer or winter. Furthermore, other factors can increase your energy bills, such as suddenly having more people in a household. However, if you see unexplained hikes, there might be an issue with your AC unit. 

The less efficient your air conditioner, the more energy it’ll use to cool or heat your home. Unfortunately, this inefficiency translates into higher energy bills. 

Of course, the harder your AC unit has to work, the quicker its parts can break down. So lower energy bills and extend your unit’s lifespan with our routine maintenance. 

We often consider our air conditioners magical boxes that cool our homes. Air conditioners have a crucial function beyond cooling our homes.  

As your AC unit circulates air, this air passes through its filter. Your AC filter has the critical function of trapping harmful pollutants like: 

  • Dirt and debris 
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke 
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria and viruses 
  • Mold spores and more

Letting these harmful pollutants run amuck can have several problems. For starters, they can clog your AC unit’s air filter. A clogged AC unit air filter lowers energy efficiency and raises your monthly bill. It also forces your unit to work harder, leading to parts breaking down faster.

Your AC unit may also start circulating these harmful pollutants throughout your home. Excessive pollutants can cause several health problems, especially if you have family members with asthma or allergies. 

For many homeowners, peace of mind makes the cost worth it when paying for regular air conditioning maintenance. Another factor to consider is if you need routine maintenance to keep your unit’s warranty intact. 

Many manufacturers provide an extended warranty for their units. These limited warranties typically feature a five to ten-year range. However, many manufacturers also require you to have annual maintenance from a licensed and insured repair company. 

Whether to keep your warranty intact or have peace of mind your unit can perform the job come summer, it’s best to call Apex Clean Air.

Our AC Maintenance Checklist

Our Apex Clean Air technicians provide many air conditioning preventative maintenance tasks: 

  • Testing your thermostat’s calibration and functionality 
  • Changing out your air filter 
  • Lubricating your system’s moving parts 
  • Ensuring your system operates correctly and safely 
  • Tightening every electrical connection 
  • Reviewing your refrigerant levels and adding more if necessary 
  • Cleaning your unit’s condenser and evaporator coils
  • Measuring your electrical components’ amperage and voltage
  • Cleaning your condensate drain and drip pan
Our crew will also check if your system needs significant repairs during this process. We’ll gladly discuss options if we find an issue that may require assistance beyond our regular maintenance services. In most cases, a technician can give you a free repair estimate. 

Let’s look at signs indicating you may need an AC repair or replacement: 

  • Your system isn’t pumping out adequate cool air.
  • Your AC unit isn’t running efficiently, or you see unexplained energy bill hikes. 
  • Your unit requires frequent repairs. 
  • You continue hearing strange sounds like clanging, rattling, banging, or squeals. 
  • You smell musty or foul odors coming from your blower or ventilation system. 
  • Your AC unit continues leaking fluid. 
  • Your AC unit is ten years or older or is soon reaching its lifespan. 
AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs

Since air conditioning maintenance encompasses a wide range of services, it’s no surprise that Highlands Ranch residents have plenty of questions. Our crew answers your FAQs below: 

Our team and many other experts recommend you service your unit at least once a year for the best results. Doing so ensures your unit performs efficiently and effectively. Our team recommends you service your air conditioner before the cooling season begins. 

However, many homeowners wonder if they need annual maintenance, especially if they have a relatively new system. While you can save a few extra bucks in the short term by forgoing yearly maintenance, you’ll likely lose money in the long run. 

Making regular maintenance a yearly priority ensures the best performance and energy efficiency. 

Of course, many homeowners wonder how expensive regular AC maintenance is. While routine maintenance incurs a yearly expense, it’s far less costly than repairs. Regular maintenance can catch looming problems and fix them before they become serious. 

Homeowners sometimes try to save money by servicing their AC units or hiring an unlicensed or uninsured contractor. However, doing so can present several problems: 

  • You may not have the right equipment or parts: Our technicians come armed with the right tools and equipment to inspect your unit and provide tune-ups. 
  • You can damage your AC unit: Our professional technicians work with various AC unit brands. We’ll never damage your AC unit as we have the skills and knowledge to service your unit carefully. 
  • You can void your warranty: Having an unprofessional contractor service your AC unit can void its warranty. Even if they didn’t damage your unit, doing so can still void its warranty. 
  • Insurance complications: Using an unlicensed and uninsured contractor means you won’t have a safety net if problems should occur. With an insured repair service, you can receive compensation or repairs should issues happen. 

You’ll want to leave most maintenance services to Apex Clean Air. However, many homeowners find success by cleaning their systems themselves. While our crew will clean significant parts like the blower and evaporator coil, homeowners can do the following: 

  • Remove any debris surrounding your outdoor condenser unit. This process can involve brushing away twigs, leaves, mulch, grass, etc. Aim to do this every time you mow your lawn. 
  • Regularly change your air filter or clean the permanent air filter if you have one. Your manufacturer’s instruction manual will tell you how often to change your air filter. However, depending on your home’s needs, you may need to change it more frequently. 
  • Keep the area surrounding your condenser unit clear and clean. This process means not storing any outside items nearby and trimming all plants and weeds, so they don’t grow within two feet of your AC unit. 
AC Maintenance

Why Highlands Ranch, CO, Residents Choose Us

Regularly maintaining your AC unit can make a difference between needing minor tune-ups and extensive, costly repairs. Highlands Ranch, CO, residents and businesses choose Apex Clean Air because: 

  • Upfront pricing and no hidden fees: We’ll never overcharge or pressure you into services you don’t need. 
  • High-ratings: From our five-star Google reviews to accolades on HomeAdvisor, we have the credentials to back our service. 
  • Our mission statement: It’s our goal to lower your energy bills while providing world-class services. 
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