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As a Ogden, UT resident, you know firsthand the importance of air conditioning every summer. Without a properly functioning AC unit, your home’s left hot and uncomfortable for you and your family.

If the air conditioner stops working, it could be due to many problems. However, a common problem that leads to a lack of cool air from your unit is a dirty or damaged AC evaporator coil.  

Fortunately, you can trust our highly customer-rated AC coil cleaning company at Apex Clean Air for your AC coil cleaning and general cooling needs.

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AC Coil Cleaning

What’s the Function of AC Coils?

AC coils compress a cooling agent called refrigerant. This refrigerant, mixed with other gasses, cools the outside air before running this air throughout the rest of your conditioning unit. Then, this air blows throughout the vent system within your home. 

Why Is Your AC Coil Important?

These coils are essential for a properly functioning AC unit. However, if they are too dirty, they can’t cool down the air and put your entire system in danger. More specifically, if moisture accumulates on top of the dirty coil, it can cause the whole AC system to freeze up, preventing cold airflow.

Signs You Need AC Coil Cleaning Services

AC Coil Cleaning
AC Coil Cleaning

Always Opt for Professional Maintenance

Sometimes, AC coils require a simple cleaning to restore their performance. However, at other times, these coils experience damage that requires complete replacement. Whatever the case, your air conditioner unit requires professional attention to get to the bottom of the issue.

Instead of looking for an “AC coil cleaning company near me” online, rely on our knowledgeable team of experts at Apex Clean Air. We offer Ogden, UT, residents a variety of cooling services, including AC coil cleaning services, repairs, and replacement. We also provide air duct cleaning, HVAC diagnostics, regular maintenance, mold treatments, and more. 

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